Fluorescent lights softboxes

Fluorescent lights  softboxes
Softbox are use to produce that brilliant soft light that is often sought after by photographers. Softlight is highly diffused light. By directing the light source through diffusion material the harshness is removed casting shadowless warm light over your subject.

The effect, or quality, of any light depends on its size relative to the subject. If you move a light closer to your subject its relative size increases, the shadows become larger and softer and so do the highlights. Single lights can produce a natural lighting effect with help of a softbox by reflecting the light and diffusing it before its final output from its large surface onto the subject because of this the large softbox is the tool of choice for many photographer.

Softboxes also have the added benefit of directing all the light towards the subject reducing the risk of flare due to unwanted light striking the lens. When choosing your softbox it is good to note that for highly reflective still life subjects where we need to get broad specular highlights, where the highlights are large and gentle, we normally use a softbox at least 3 times the size of the subject.

Human skin is not as reflective as some products, but the principles are the same and a similar approach is often needed, especially if the subject has oily skin, isn't wearing matt makeup or, even worse, is using 'clubbing' makeup which is deliberately shiny.

Here at Linco we offer Square and Octangle Softboxes. Square Softboxes are designed in 1:1 ratios and reduce deviation of light which allows it to be used in small-narrow spaces as an excellent fill light. The natural round catch light can be created by using Octangle Softbox.