Strobe(flash) lights

Strobe(flash) lights
Flash or Strobe Lighting is used exclusively for Still Photography. It produces a burst of light in sync with the camera's shutter. No matter what the situation, flash light can fill the job of lighting. Professional Flash lighting creates a Daylight Kelvin light source for optimal color and contrast dynamic range. With the correct flash light, any shooting environment can become the backdrop of a great photo.

Strobe Light heads are packed with power and the latest technology. The Pro Series Flash Light delivers the performance, versatility and reliability needed for commercial applications and digital imaging.

With features and offering such as user-replaceable flash tubes, reflector, and three adjustable power settings, these flash light can be a photographer's best friend.

Flash Lights also are equipped with the essential modeling lamp which lets us preview the lighting effect (to judge contrast and where shadows fall) prior to making exposure. It doesn't matter if your in a studio or in somebody's home, Flash Lights are compact and portable.

With a varied assortment of output power option as well and on-unit power adjustment, Flash Light heads can light everything from deep focus subjects in still life to the most shallow focus subject in portraits. For most of your still photography needs, the flash light will be the correct choice.